So FR Viscose

A range of new Inherent Flame Retardant fibres that are ideal for blending with Kanecaron modacrylic fibres, aramids, polyester, cotton and other cellulosic fibres.

Supplied in 2 technologies – So FR Viscose Spinning – suitable for spinning (based on phosphorous technology) – the second suitable for nonwoven products (based on silica technology) So FR Viscose Nonwoven

Both fibres have excellent L.O.I. values giving high level performance and protection.

Spinning type: (phosphorous technology)

Typical end uses for PPE – Defence. Police and Emergency Services. Oil and Petroleum. Industrial work-wear. Utilities ( Gas & Electrical Distribution) Metal industries.

Nonwoven type: (silica technology)

Typical end uses – Home furnishings – Contract furnishings- Mattress- Automotive- Filtration Media.

Both So FR Viscose fibres comply with most European and U.S. FR legislation.

Technical DataSpinning TypeNonwoven Type
Main FeatureNon Burning FibreNon Burning Fibre
Fibre Dtx1.67 dtx5.56 dtx – others on request
LustreBright Bright
Tenacity (cN/dtex)2.191.65
Elongation (%) 14.719-22
Shrinkage (boiling water x 30 mins)1%1%
ColourEcru – BlackEcru

Spinning Type

Inherently FR Permanently FR without loss of performance after repeated laundering or dry cleaning
Variable dtx from 1.67Allows fine counts of yarn to be spun to produce lightweight fabrics
Charring fibreBright

Nonwoven type

FR PerformancePermanent FR with silica based technology. No need for chemical treatments to ensure FR performance.
Charring fibreFabrics that do not melt and drip
Excellent blending fibreCellulose-rich blends allow fabrics with a naturally soft handle for increased performance.