So® Neutral (Conductive)

So® Neutral is introduced into textile and industrial applications to provide protection against a wide range of risks and hazards caused by static electricity in end-use situations.

Typical textile technologies – spinning, weaving, knitting and nonwoven companies are incorporating the So® Neutral into a wide range of their products.

Also used in products and end-uses where full grounding is essential and in industrial applications where the dissipation of electrical charges is critical (E.S.D.).

So® Neutral is produced in both fibre and filament forms, being infused with carbon, giving a conducting fibre & filament option.

Both are supplied with high technical performance characteristics designed to meet specific Global industrial end-use requirements and International Certifications.

Product Sheets:

S.D.S available on request

Technical DataFibre (Polyester)Filament (Polyester) Fibre (Nylon)Filament (Nylon)
Typical Electrical Resistance 1.0 x 10^6 Ω /cm1.0×10^6 Ω /cm1.0 x 10^5 Ω2.0×10^7 Ω /cm
Resistivity (subject to fabric/construction)1-100 Ω /cm21-100 Ω /cm21-100 Ω /cm21-100 Ω /cm2
High level performanceLow blend incorporation allows cost effective solutions
Multi Norm protectionCan achieve Global Certification in wide end-use applications.