So Neutral (antistatic)

So Neutral is introduced into textile and industrial applications to provide protection against a wide range of risks and hazards caused by static electricity in end-use situations.

Typical textile technologies – spinning, weaving, knitting and nonwoven companies are incorporating the So Neutral into a wide range of their products.

Also used in products and end-uses where full grounding is essential and in industrial applications where the dissipation of electrical charges is critical (E.S.D.).

So Neutral is produced in both fibre and filament forms, being infused with carbon, giving a conducting fibre & filament option.

Both are supplied with high technical performance characteristics designed to meet specific Global industrial end-use requirements and International Certifications.

Technical DataFibreFilament FibreFilament
Main FeatureAntistaticAntistaticAntistaticAntistatic
PolymerPolyesterPolyesterPolyesterNylon / Polyester
Colour BlackBlackWhiteWhite
Dtx3.3 (38/50/75mm)22 dtx / 6 filament

44 dtx / 12 filament

83 dtx / 24 filament

3.3 (38/50/75mm)29 dtx / 6 filament
Electrical Resistance 1.0×106 ohm/cm1.0×106 ohm/cm1.0×106 ohm/cm2.0×107 ohm/cm
Resistivity (subject to fabric/construction)1-100 ohms/cm21-100 ohms/cm21-100 ohms/cm21-100 ohms/cm2
High level performanceLow blend incorporation allows cost effective solutions
Multi Norm protectionCan achieve Global Certification in wide end-use applications.